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hi. my name is jules. if you know me, you know i love to play softball, i love my friends, i love moustaches, i am in love with spongebob, im not a directioner or a swiftie, i love to create new words, i love the number 23, my favorite colors are red and black nd white, if i had a quarter id wish it was 1,000 dollars, i love ice pops, i create nicknames for all my friends, i create childrens books with jess, i twin with alejandra, i laugh all the time with alexis, sabrina is my bestie for life, i wish i had a pet unicorn, me and al are going to visit the sunyas during spring break (inside joke), my friend marcela talks to guys that wear mascara in mac, me and my friends star in a harlem shake video on youtube, my best friend jess makes crazy videos on youtube, march 30th is my birthday, oh im also not a belieber, betty white is my role model, and i love hello kitty. did you get that? kay? see ya'll soon.
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